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Project Design and EPC competencies of ČKD GROUP

Electric Engineering

  • Studies and conceptual proposals
  • FEED, basic / detail electric engineering
  • SLD and wiring diagrams
  • Analyses / calculations / studies for electric protections and short circuit
  • Transient load calculations, load flow studies
  • Technical specifications of electric part
  • Generating units - cylindrical rotor generators, hydro power generators, excitation systems, diesel generators, synchronizing equipment

  • Power outlet from power plant to grid - enclosed bus ducts, generator circuit breakers, power transformers, HV switchyards, HV cables)
  • Home consumption, MV / LV systems

  • Cabling and layout proposals for electrical equipment
  • Fire hazard evaluations, electric fire-protection system
  • HV, MV and LV earthing systems
  • Electrical illumination, socket systems, small power
  • Lightning protection
  • Telecom / SCADA systems for dispatching and power plant operational modes respecting individual grid codes
  • LAN, PABX, CCTV, CVVS and paging / radio systems