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Manufacturer and system integrator of semiconductor converter technologies, drives, supply systems, Static Var compensators (SVC), heavy current operating devices.
Supplier for segments of mining and metallurgical industries, gas and crude oil, chemical industry, infrastructure and ecology


  • Electro-technical systems, in particular semiconductor applications and all related services
  • The manufacturing programme includes Static Var compensators (SVC), regulated electromotors, control systems, substations for mass urban transportation and railway transport, VHV sources for electrostatic precipitators, full delivery of technological nodes, special applications of power electronics, services and testing station.
  • The products are designed for mining industry, metallurgical industry, segment of gas, crude oil and chemistry, ecology, infrastructure and processing industry.

Mining and metallurgical industry
Technical solutions for costs reduction, productivity optimization and maximum safety.
Regulated drives for rolling plants and hoisting machines improve production process productivity.
Power saving pumps, fans and compressors.
Operating costs reduction and drive, motor and generator service life prolongation.
Development and manufacturing of products for elimination of negative effects in the power grid. Application in metal heating and melting processes, improvement of air quality.

Gas, crude oil and chemistry
Compressor, fan and pump regulation systems and special sources for electrolysis processes.
Semiconductor applications in the upgrade and rebuilding of compressor stations, chemical plant operations.
Based on modern technology - they provide maximum reliability of operation, safety, energy and cost saving.

Power and ecology
Regulated drives for run up and regulation of fan and pump speed, Static Var compensators for improvement of energy quality in grids.
These technologies help electricity and heat generating companies to significantly reduce negative environmental impact.
Transport infrastructure
Substations for traction with variable design for tram and trolley-bus networks, subway and railway.
Railways - products for supply of technology and systems for Static Var  compensation for negative effects in traction networks.

Processing industry
Frequency converters, soft-starters and exciters for mill motors

  • Supply and compensation stations, diagnostics, control and measurement systems for MHD, mines, cement works, power plants, chemical and metallurgical operations
  • Machinery and electric systems for construction of subways, tram-lines, tunnels etc.
  • Systems of control, regulation and excitation for heavy current and high voltage applications
  • Converters