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  • provider of investment units and related systems
  • specialized in power industry and ecology
  • coal fired power plants, local co-generation power sources with gas turbines and gas motors, steam-gas and gas power plants.
  • Feasibility studies, engineering and service activities, consultation services within ČSN EN, ASME, GOST, API, MSS, AWWA and other standards.
  • Modern software for mechanical, thermodynamic calculations, modern SW/HW for designing mechanical, electro, I&C and construction projects as well as special technology.
  • Steam, steam-gas and gas turbine-generator unit based power generating units up to 100 MW
  • Thermal power plants 100-500 MW (fuel - coal, natural gas)
  • Electricity and heat co-generation units
  • Local micro co-generation sources
  • Turbine sets for existing power plants, upgrade and retrofit
  • Control systems, regulation and excitation for heavy current and high voltage applications