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Supplier of construction parts of investment projects including delivery of related technology and implementation of residential and commercial construction projects.

Current situation


  1. The  cast-in-situ reinforced concrete structures are completed.

  2. Installation of the reinforced steel prefabricated structure is completed.

  3. The first part of the service road is completed in the length of 200m.

  4. Installation of the bearing steel structure for individual buildings is completed, currently assembly works on the roof structure are in progress.

  5. The turbine generator has been delivered to the site and installed.

  6. Finalization of the boiler and the combustion plan is in progress.

  7. Work on installation of building cladding (facade) started.

  8. Works on the flue gas purification continue.

  9. Works on the remaining building will start soon – the reservoir and the pumping station.

  10. In addition works on the external distribution utility lines will start.