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Supplier of construction parts of investment projects including delivery of related technology and implementation of residential and commercial construction projects.

ZEVO Project

ZEVO Chotíkov is a generation facility which allows combined generation of heat and electricity.
The maximum installed heat output is 22 MWt and the electric output is 7.5 MWe.
Communal waste is stored in an enclosed ventilated silo and combusted on a hydraulically controlled grate.
The energy of hot combustion gases released by the combustion of waste is converted to steam in the steam boiler and the consequently expanding steam in the condensation turbine generator is used for the generation of electric power. Some of the reduced steam is used in condensation heat exchangers for hot water preparation; hot water will be supplied to the central heating system of the city of Plzeň as well as used for its own consumption by ZEVO.
Purification of flue gases is provided by applying the combined method of filtration on cloth filter, use of a two-stage flue gas washer and catalytic reactor (SCR) for the decomposition of nitrogen oxide and dioxines.
Waste water from the ZEVO service building will be drained by sanitary sewerage for treatment in a biological waste water treatment plant and consequently reused in the technological process of combustion and flue gas purification.
Waste water from the whole technological process is treated in the service water treatment plant. Treated water is returned to the process and added to service water.
Continuous measurement of emissions and other parameters is performed in the stack. Continuous measurement of flue gases includes measurement of emissions, temperature, pressure, humidity and flow rate of flue gases.