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manufacturer of heavy current electro-technical devices and systems for power industry, infrastructure, gas industry, ecology, metallurgy, underground mining.

Excitation systems and co-generation units

  • excitation of synchronous generators and motors
  • co-generation units

Excitation of synchronous generators and motors

  • semiconductor excitation systems for synchronous generators and motors
  • static
  • rotating with shell-type valves


  • excitation
  • phase up to the grid
  • voltage regulation in island mode
  • voltage regulation with statics
  • regulation of idle power or power factor
  • protective functions, such as machine thermal model, P-Q diagram, excess current excitation
  • hitless transition between individual modes
  • special testing modes


  • run up
  • excitation
  • regulation of idle power or power factor
  • protective functions
  • special testing modes

The switchboard can be fitted also with reserve regulation which provides hitless take over of machine regulation in case of main regulation failure. In addition the excitation system switchboard contains also other auxiliary circuits, e.g. over-voltage protection.
Excitation systems - implemented with MODULEX or VARIANT sets