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manufacturer of heavy current electro-technical devices and systems for power industry, infrastructure, gas industry, ecology, metallurgy, underground mining.

Regulated drives

  • optimization of power take-off at lower demand for driven technology output
  • prolongation of motor service drive
  • elimination of negative effects of motors on supply network during run up and setting of required values for actual running speed
  • comfort control, visualization, diagnostics and easy communication between the device and the user
  • power semiconductor converters with outputs from 50MW and 15kV voltage
  • direct connection of converters to HV network without the need to use a transformer (minimization of built-up space and total costs)
  • technology of direct air cooling of converters by heat pipes results in reduced dimensions of converters and design without external exchangers and water management

Converter systems
design series of second generation power semiconductor converters MODULEX, VARIANT, COMPACT and INVERT

  • provides for composition of semiconductor converters of small, medium and large capacity within the range up to 35 kV
  • They are based on replaceable blocks with semiconductor components and air coolers working on heat pipe principle.
  • semiconductor cooling systems allow significant reduction of weight and dimensions of converters
  • Optical conductors are used for control signals of converters designed for high voltage - they significantly improve reliability and resistance of converters against noise
  • Converter design allows replacement of power semiconductor blocks

Areas of application

  • mining and metallurgical industry
  • gas, crude oil and chemistry
  • infrastructure
  • processing industry
  • power industry
  • ecology

Reference projects

  • “Tajmyrskij” mine, Norilskij Nikel,
  • Odesskij priportovyj zavod, Ukraine
  • Lysychansk NPZ, Ukraine
  • AZOT Cherkassy, Ukraine
  • AZOT Severoonetsk, Ukraine
  • Davidovskaya compressor station, Russia
  • Putjatinskaya compressor station, Russia