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manufacturer of heavy current electro-technical devices and systems for power industry, infrastructure, gas industry, ecology, metallurgy, underground mining.

VHV sources for electrostatic precipitators

  • most efficient method for elimination of solid pollutants in combustion gases of power and heat generation boilers, cement furnaces, metallurgical and chemical operations
  • The ZEOB series VHV sources are designed for supply of electrostatic precipitators
  • designed for supply of any electrostatic precipitator of chamber type with negative potential of ionization electrode
  • they achieve the highest efficiency in operation (minimum 98% of captured pollutants), their operating stability is provided by good quality VHV source
  • The source performs autonomous functions resulting from operation of the electrostatic precipitator section with possible use in the system of complex control of electrostatic precipitation process
  • appropriate for operations with several precipitators arranged in a cascade where it is required to provide for their synchronous function at minimized content of pollutants in combustion gases

VHV sources for electrostatic precipitators - catalog