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supplier of technological investment units or their parts, including upgrade and rebuilding, in the segments of gas and oil, power, infrastructure and ecology.

Power segment

Construction of power units within the full scope of activities. Design preparation, basic and detail design, procurement, installation, commissioning, post-warranty service. Financing models, feasibility studies.

Steam-gas power plants, gas motor based local co-generation sources, biomass power units, incineration plants, operating technological units for nuclear power plants, high efficiency boiler houses, upgrade, retrofit.

  • Steam-gas co-generation power plants
  • High efficiency local co-generation sources with gas motor
  • heat co-generation in gas boilers providing co-generation, accumulation and heat pumps to achieve high power efficiency and low emission of harmful substances to atmosphere
  • upgrade and efficiency improvement of heat plant and boiler house operation
  • heat distribution networks including compact delivery stations
  • control systems for unattended heat source operation
  • cooling units (ice rings, purpose buildings, industry and power)
  • co-generation incineration plants (burning municipality, pharmaceutical, hospital and special wastes)
  • balance of plant / turbine halls of nuclear power stations
  • reserve sources of electric power, cooling units and cooling technology, low pressure and high pressure compressor stations
  • preparation of investment projects, feasibility studies, installation, commissioning, post-warranty service

Thermal power plants 100 to 500 MW (fuel: coal, natural gas)
Steam, steam-gas and gas turbine-generator unit based power generating units up to 100 MW
Electricity and heat co-generation units
Turbine sets for existing power plants and heating plants - upgrades and retrofits
Nuclear power
Cooling systems
Incineration plants burning municipality, industrial, hospital and special wastes
Biomass combustion power generating units