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supplier of technological investment units or their parts, including upgrade and rebuilding, in the segments of gas and oil, power, infrastructure and ecology.

Incineration plants

  • municipal waste
  • alternative method of heat and electricity generation
  • heat generated by waste incineration is transformed to:
  • steam
  • to drive conventional steam turbines (the generated electricity positively contributes to power balance of municipalities)
  • 90% reduction of waste volume and its conversion to secondary raw material for further recycling


Malešice municipal waste incineration plant, Prague, Czech Republic
Liberec municipal waste incineration plant, Czech Republic

  • industrial, hospital and special waste
  • continuous ashing pyrolysis furnaces
  • rotary furnaces for disposal of industrial and special solid, pasty and liquid wastes
  • output range: 30–1,000 kg of waste per hour (depending on system type) (corresponding to annual capacity of app. 7.500 tons of waste at overage heat value of 9 MJ/kg)
  • heat power (generated by waste incineration) is converted in heat exchangers and used for production of hot water, saturated of overheated steam
  • the delivery may include a steam turbine with electric power generator (it significantly reduces waste disposal plant’s operating costs)
  • wet purification of combustion gases can be complemented by technology which does not produce any waste water, resulting in significant reduction of fresh water consumption during operation
  • the technology of multi-stage wet, semi-dry or dry combustion gases purification guarantees meeting of emission limits defined by the European Commission with a great reserve
  • in accordance with the European legislation the delivered systems include continuous measurement of contaminant volume in combustion gases

Motol University College Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic
Hospital of Rudolf and Stephany, Benešov, Czech Republic