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provider of investment units and related systems. Specializing in power industry and ecology

Local micro co-generation

  • micro gas turbines with the electric power output of 30, 65 200 kW
  • they can be arranged in clusters with the aggregated power output of several MWs
  • the plant can be operated both for independent electricity generation or in co-generation mode (hot/warm water or steam production)
  • micro turbines can be fired by natural gas, bio-gas, diesel fuel, bio diesel-fuel (or other gaseous or liquid fuels based on consultation with the producer)
  • low costs of plant service
  • failure free operation (appropriate for critical reserve sources)
  • compared with motors Capstone micro turbines achieve:
  • excellent low emission of harmful substances
  • low noise emission
  • minimum vibrations
  • appropriate for locations with lower air quality or stricter limits for emission of harmful substances

Micro-cogeneration is suitable for following customers/applications:

  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Datacentres
  • Financial institutions and office buildings
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Residential projects (existing, for developers - new construction)
  • Smaller production sites with heat or cooling requirements

Reference projects:  
Safina, Czech Republic
CHP Swiebodzice, Poland