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Operating technological units

Compressor turbine sets for gas and crude oil industry, metallurgy, chemical industry and power industry

  • use of compressor sets with turbo compressors and piston compressors as the main components for natural gas transit
  • for underground gas storages
  • for refineries processing crude oil and natural gas

Areas of delivery

  • delivery of investment units consisting mainly of compressor stations
  • for gas companies and crude oil processing companies in particular
  • reliable operation of previously delivered technology with this system
  • repairs and overhauls 

Use of ČKD compressor design in particular:

  • compressors of RP*, RS*, SK*, BK* series for compression of high hydrogen content hydrocarbon mixtures for refineries
  • RS*, SK*, BK* series compressors for compression and transit of natural gas
  • RS* and BK* series compressors for underground gas storages