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Operating technological units

Turbine sets for existing power plants and heating plants - upgrades and retrofits

  • objectives of existing turbine sets upgrade and retrofit:
  • service life prolongation
  • improvement of upgraded system efficiency
  •  original turbine blades are replaced with new blades made of modern long life materials
  • improved profile provided by modern design and production method reduces secondary losses
  • significant improvement of turbine output can be provided by increased steam flow through the low pressure section blades or by their prolongation
  • modern design of plugs and application of modern materials
  • improved efficiency of individual turbine set stages
  • Result - less loss means more generated power
  • replacement of original mechanical-hydraulic regulator for modern digital turbine power and speed regulator in connection with application of modern electro-hydraulic elements
  • achievement of reliable, flexible and precise control in automatic mode
  • digital technologies provide easy incorporation of upgraded turbine set to dispatching control and remote control systems
  • turbine protection system can be upgraded with turbine power and speed regulator
  • upgrade of power generator, its winding and installation of diagnostic instrumentation for measurement of partial discharge in the stator
  • applied upgrade - replacement of rotary exciter with modern excitation unit applying digital control and semiconductor switching elements. Active power stabilizer providing damping of system grid deviations - PSS is standard part of upgraded generator design.
  • the offer includes additional installation of generator switch and modern digital generator protections