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Investment units

Biomass combustion power generating units

  • biomass - comparable alternative to natural gas and coal
  • wood in form of pellets made of pressed wooden chips and other type of biomass (straw, bark, chips) or oil produced of raw wood - are regarded as valuable fuel which allows use of relatively simple systems for automated boiler dosing and stock bin feeding
  • the comfort of use is almost comparable to natural gas, liquid propane gas or fuel oil
  • the costs of so generated heat are lower and therefore this technology is successfully used for heat and electricity generation within the power output ranging from some kWs to tens of MWs
  • delivery of full power generating units
  • boiler (two design options: stationary or travelling grate stoker)
  • turbine-generator
  • related systems

- Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s., ČR