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Investment units

Compressor stations

  • compressor stations including control systems for transit gas lines and underground gas storages
  • route telemetry in full functional range
  • delivery of construction part including all main and auxiliary systems - based on client’s requirements
  • general delivery or partial delivery
  • designing
  • testing
  • natural gas transit in the transit gas line system
  • provision of state of the art technology
  • control systems providing automated, unattended operation controlled from central control room

 Areas of delivery

  • machine sets - turbo compressors with 6 to 32 MW drive
  • drives - gas turbines and governor electromotors
  • gas filters, gas coolers, distribution piping
  • electric part
  • control systems
  • buildings (machine set buildings, control room buildings, switching stations and reserve source buildings, auxiliary buildings and structures, i.e. governor stations, oil management station, waste water treatment plants, roads, fencing etc.)

Technical design of compressor stations:

  • normally designed for operating pressure of 7.5 Mpa with the option to install compressors within the full power output range from 6 to 27 MW
  • driven by gas turbines or governor electromotors
  • gas transit also in case of critical operating situations
  • main delivery of turbine sets provided in accordance with specified parameters