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Investment units

Steam, steam-gas and gas turbine-generator unit based power plants and power generating units

  • deliveries of power generating units up to 100 MW - specialization in the market of so called captive power plants
  • flexibility in electric power and heat supplies
  • independence on the public power networks
  • designed for processing industry
  • iron works, chemical, textile and food factories etc. with relatively high on-site consumption of electricity and service steam
  • the sources may include systems for heat and hot utility water generation
  • the projects always include design of auxiliary technology
  • fuel and water management, chemical treatment plants and water treatment plants, combustion gases treatment or service steam and electricity distribution
  • lead out and sale of excess electric power output to public power grids
  • provision of power grid supporting services

Note: Municipal heating plants are a similar application - they co-generate heat and provide excess electric power to the power grid.

  • warranty and post-warranty services
  • provision of BOO, BOT, BOOT