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Reconstruction FCE Darkov

In 2014 ČKD ELEKTROTECHNIKA successfully realized project of modernization SVC, adjusted switchgear 22kV and adjusted control room all for Mine Darkov.

Technical parameters and scope of delivery: 

  • Blocks of 3pc 1-phase converter COMPACT CVK 9
  • Decompensation reactors
  • Control and regulation converter –MODULEX MX
  • Adjustment of switchgear 22kV
  • Adjustment of  switchboard in control room
  • Installation of air conditioning and cooling components
  • Construction work (removal, installation, disposal)
  • Project documentation, revision, tests

Ordering: Dalkia Industry CZ, a.s.

Final customer: OKD, a.s. Důl Darkov

Commissioning: 8/ 2014