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Regulated drives for mining machinery -  OKD, a.s. Mine Paskov (Staříč)

Technical parameters and scope of delivery::

 -    Regulated drive for 2 pc  synchronnous motors of power 1800kW

  • Converter set VARIANT
  • Converter and regulation set  MODULEX

 -       Filtration-compensation system

  • Converter set COMPACT CK27
  • Total compensation power -  5840 kvar
  • Total installed power -  7800 kvar


Ordering: INCO engineering, s.r.o
Final customer: OKD, a.s., Důl Paskov, ČR

Commissioning: 31. 12. 2012
Paskov Mine lies approximately 20 kilometres south of Ostrava and produces high-quality coking coal. Paskov Mine currently operates two sites – Staříč and Chlebovice.  It is the only active mine in the Ostrava coal district.
In 2013,  ČKD ELEKTROTECHNIKA will realize further contract in the same range in Chlebovice.