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Compressor station Veľké Zlievce, Slovakia
The project included the design, supplies, installation and commissioning.


Turnkey delivery was implemented for the entire technological parts: 

  • PS 110 Draining System I. 
  • PS 120 Draining system II. 
  • PS 210 Compressed air station 
  • PS 270 Auxiliary media piping          

Basic parameters of the investment complex delivery for the gas industry project:

  • Complex of technological and electrical units for drain system of main ITTs of R-R compressors
  • Production and distribution of compressed air for the needs of the designed station KS-03, maximum power of 2 x 197.4 normal cubic meters (at 20°C) per hour, 5.7 to 12.0 bar
  • Pipelines with the distribution of auxiliary media – high pressure and medium pressure gas, compressed air, stable extinguishing equipment, heating 

Contractual terms of implementation process: 

Completion date: January 31, 2013

Commissioning: July 31, 2013