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Greening of K8, K9, K10 boilers of AMEO heating plant to reduce NOx emissions, including installation of new burners



Implementation of the adjustments of K8, K9, and K10 boilers to reduce NOx emissions. This involves primary measures (installation of new low-emission burners) and secondary measures (system for the injection of ammonia water).

Parameters of individual boilers:

K8 – 77.4MW/100 t/h 525°C, 9.6 MPa

K9 – 154.8MW/200 t/h 525°C, 9.6 MPa

K10 – 154.8MW/200 t/h 525°C, 9.6 MPa

The project includes designing, delivery, installation, and commissioning:

  • Primary measures
    • Installation of new low-emission powder burners
    • Installation of new low-emission COG/BFG burners
    • Installation of new waste-vapour burners
    • Installation of afterburner air nozzles
    • Installation of new air and gas pipelines
    • Secondary measures
      • The system for reagent tapping and storing including buildings
      • New compressor station
      • Reagent injection system for individual boilers
      • Repair part
        • Adjustments of the mill circuit
        • Delivery and installation of a new system of boiler management
        • Boiler pressure system reconstruction including fittings
        • Reconstruction of the fly ash off-take system
        • Reconstruction of HV and LV electric part
        • Commissioning and demonstration of guaranteed parameters of devices

Contractual term course of the implementation:

  • Signing of the Contract for Work:     30.5.2013
  • Effectiveness of the Contract:          27.8.2013
  • Preliminary acceptance (PAC) K8:     27.3.2015
  • Preliminary acceptance (PAC) K9:     27.12.2014
  • Preliminary acceptance (PAC) K10:   27.5.2015