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Power Source Greening in Lovochemie company 

A turnkey delivery of complete technology for greening of the power source in Lovochemie a.s. heating plant with the nominal heat power output of 89.95 MWth.

Basic parameters of the project of the delivery of investment power unit:

One fluid boiler with a circulating layer, steam output 120 t/h of steam with the pressure of 10 MPa and temperature of 535 °C at the output from the boiler with brown coal combustion.

The project includes designing, delivery, installation, and commissioning: 

  • Steam boiler with a circulating fluid layer
  • Artificial draught of the boiler with the treatment of combustion gases and AMS emissions
  • Reconstruction and lining of the existing bricked chimney
  • Full ash and limestone management
  • Expansion and upgrade of chemical treatment plant
  • Complete low-pressure and high-pressure recovery of supply water
  • Boiler room cooling system
  • High-pressure steam reduction station 10/3.2 MPa, 410°C, flow rate 100 t/h
  • New compressor station to produce transport and instrument air
  • Complete wiring including new transformers, switching stations, frequency converters, cables, etc. in the scope for machinery
  • Complete instrumentation and wiring for I&C of supplied devices including a control system
  • Complete delivery of the construction part of the project
  • Commissioning and demonstration of guaranteed parameters of devices

Contractual term course of the implementation:

  • Signing of the Contract for Work:               3.6.2013
  • Preliminary acceptance (PAC):                   3.8.2015