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Completion of the Vltava waterway in the section city of České Budějovice - Hluboká nad Vltavou 

1) Reconstruction of machine sets and related electrical and technological parts of Small hydropower plant České Vrbné

  • TG 1 turbine aggregate modification
  • Control system of the power plant

 2) Lock chamber České Vrbné - modification of the control system and machine sets of hydropower plant 

  • Reconstruction of machine sets and related electric and technological parts of small hydropower plant Czech Vrbné, located in sector weir, on the left bank of the Vltava
  • The works were carried out in the existing building of the power plant engine house
  • The goal was to ensure an optimal control of flow on the turbines and the level of hydraulic structure Czech Vrbné was maintained to within ± 5 cm. Since installing the adjustable cabinets and new impeller blades of the turbine and in connection with increased gradient of 0.4 m a higher energy use of hydraulic structure hydropower potential took place.
  • The plant is fitted with 2 machine sets with direct flow Kaplan bend turbines
  • After reconstruction of the turbine, it has a maximum flow rate through the turbine 19 m3.s-1 and max. power of 1045 kW at the turbine coupling. The maximum gradient increased to 7.0 m
  • Given that the current control relay automatics did not allow fine level-regulation, it has been completely disassembled and replaced by a distributive control system based on the freely programmable controllers.
  • Installation of a new auxiliary devices engine distributors took place, at both of the machine sets, as well as installation of new electric protection distributors, distributor of self-consumption, distributor of backup DC power supply 24V and small-oil breakers in the substation 6 kV and 22kV
  • For the needs of the newly installed control system, also a level measurement system has been added.


Completion date: Signing the Contract: 1. 6. 2010

Commissioning: Completion of construction, works hand over 31. 5. 2011