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Shed E automation level increase, compressor stations - Veľké Kapušany
Reconstruction of Shed E control system

Parameters of the project and scope of works: 

  • Upgrade of Shed E control system - from PAC system to the new control system, at all three existing electrical machine units ES1 - ES3, i.e. 3 units with these parameters: compressor manufactured in CKD KOMPRESORY and electric motor manufactured in CKD ELEKTROTECHNIKA, with a nominal output of 25 MW, all supplied by CKD PRAHA DIZ
  • Modification of air management system
  • Security systems (gas detection system and electronic fire alarm system)
  • Modernization of stable fire extinguishing equipment
  • Construction works

Completion date: 12/2011 - 11/2012
Commissioning: 11/2012