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Discover your opportunity

  • ČKD group companies operate based on a long history and background of  top experts
  • Innovation and tradition, closely linked with ČKD brand
  • the quality and professionalism of our staff
  • Results and success of projects are supported by our own research and development, cooperation with development centres
  • Quality human resources work - our main strategic priority
  • We strive to stabilize our qualified teams of experts and managers
  • We care for professional and personal development
  • A  company’s development and success can be achieved through quality staff
  • Are you interested in joining one of ČKD GROUP’s companies?
  • Come to work for a well established, strong and dynamically developing employer.

Offer to students

  • we systematically support development of new talent
  • we welcome students and high school and university graduates, especially those focusing on technical matters.

We can provide expert experience in the form of:

  • short term attachment
  • grant
  • short-term job
  • cooperation in the preparation of diploma work, doctoral thesis or other similar projects

In case you are interested in cooperation during your studies, please contact HR specialists of the individual companies who will be happy to provide more information.