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supplier of technological investment units or their parts, including upgrade and rebuilding, in the segments of gas and crude oil, power, infrastructure and ecology.


Gas and oil segment

Designing and construction of compressor stations, transit gas lines, underground gas storages, gas processing plant, oil products transit and storage plant.

Delivery of LNG and CNG stations.

Feasibility studies, design preparation, basic and detail design, procurement, installation, commissioning.

Power segment

Construction of power units within the full scope of activities. Design preparation, basic and detail design, procurement, installation, commissioning, post-warranty service. Financing models, feasibility studies.

Steam-gas power plants, gas motor based local co-generation sources, biomass power units, incineration plants, operating technological units for nuclear power plants, high efficiency boiler houses, upgrade, retrofit.

Infrastructure segment

Delivery of operating technology units and devices for highway construction and infrastructure, specifically for tram, trolley-bus and railway transport, subways, highway and railway tunnels, airports.

Complex delivery in the segment of waste water treatment plants, ground construction - mainly residential and industrial buildings.

Delivery of compressor stations for technological processes (with turbo compressors or displacement compressors).

Feasibility studies, engineering and service activities, consultation services within ČSN EN, ASME, GOST, API, MSS, AWWA and other standards.

Modern software for mechanical, thermodynamic calculations, modern SW/HW for designing mechanical, electro, I&C and construction projects as well as special technology.