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manufacturer of heavy current electro-technical devices and systems for power industry, infrastructure, gas industry, ecology, metallurgy, underground mining.

References by market segments

Mining and metallurgy

  • Volgacemmash, Russia (2013) - SVC 35kV / 70MVAr
  • Z-Group Steel Holding, Czech Republic (2012) - SVC 6kV / 3,9 MVAr
  • Poldi Hutte, Czech Republic (2012) - SVC 22kV/ 16MVAr
  • BMZ-Belarus Metallurgical plant, Belarus (2012) - SVC 33kV / 32 MVAr
  • ArcelorMittal Steel Krovoi Roh, Ukraine (2011) – Delivery of drive up to 4MW, 10kV for for speed control of exhausters
  • OKD, a.s., Mine ČSA, Czech Republic (2011) - Delivery of regulated drive for mining equipment up to 2,6 MW
  • Paturle Aciers, France (2010) – Reconstruction of rolling mill drives
  • Pavlogradugol, mine, Ukraine (2010) - Set SVC - 6,3kV / 2,5 MVA
  • APATIT, Russia (2010) – Delivery of two drives for mining equipment up to 5 MW
  • EuroChem-Volgakalij, Russia (2010) – Delivery of drives and SVC for mining equipment
  • Dnieper metalurgičeskij kombinat, Ukraine (2008) – deliveries of technological equipment for traction substation for metallurgical plant 660 V / 2000 A; frequency converter for smoke gas ventilation motor
  • “Tajmyrskij” Mine, Norilskij Nikel, Russia (2008) – delivery of a frequency converter for mining fan
  • Železárny Hrádek, a.s., Czech Republic (2006) – complete delivery of SVC with an output of 20 MVAr, including handling of construction, equipment assembly, test operations and performance of warranty testsF
  • Foundry Třinec, Czech Republic (2004) – Reconstruction of equipment for medium frequency heating (1,2 MW)


Gas, oil and chemical industry

  • KOPC, Iran (2012) – Regulated drive for a gradual acelleration of two synchronous motors (7,2 MW and 23MW) to drive the compessor
  • AZOT Nevinomyssk, Russia (2011) – Excitation of synchronous engine 1,5 MW
  • Odessa priportovyj zavod, Ukraine (2008) – renovation of a system for excitation and protection of electro-motors (1.5 MW) for production of carbamide
  • Lisičanskij NPZ, Ukraine (2008) – equipment for excitation and soft start of electro-motor (4MW, 6 kV) as part of cracking equipment modernization
  • AZOT Čerkassy, Ukraine (2008) -  renovation of the excitation system for synchronous electro-motors (1.5 MW, 4.8 MW) and delivery of a soft start system for an electro-motor (4.8 MVT, 6 kV)
  • AZOT Severodoněck, Ukraine (2007) - renovation of a system for excitation and protection of electro-motors (4,8 MW, 6kV)
  • Compressor station Davidovskaja, Russia (2007) – commissioning of a synchronous motor 12.5 MW with a converter in a “synchronous valve drive” connection to drive a compressor
  • Compressor station Putjatinskaja, Russia (2004) – renovation of converters in a “synchronous valve drive” connection to regulate a synchronous 25 MW motor to drive a compressor


Energy and ecology

  • Plzeň energetics, Czech Republic (2012) –  6x set ZEOB 92kV /500mA
  • Aluminij Kazachstana, Pavlodar, Kazahstan (2010) – 4x set ZEOB 92kV /1250A
  • Power Plant Mělník, Czech Republic (2008) – renovation of power supply stations of blocks 9 and 10 and renovation of drive cooling block B9
  • Power Plant Tušimice, Czech Republic (2007-2010) – delivery of 48 complete sources of ZEOB for electrostatic precipitators 92kV / 1250mA
  • Power Plant Opatovice, Czech Republic (2005 - 2008) – delivery of 16 units of control cubicles EVERT for electrostatic precipitators 
  • AS, Czech Republic (2008) – Power source set for powering stabilizing coiling on TOKAMAK equipment for nuclear fusion with a limiting current of 92 kA


Infrastructure and manufacturing

  • Transport Company VEOLIA Teplive, Czech Republic (2012) - trolleybus traction substation
  • Prague Public Transport Company, Czech Republic (2011-12) - 4x traction rectifiers for substations (Motol, Vyšehrad)
  • Pars nova, a.s., Czech Republic  (2011) – Substation to power trolley
    and test habitats
  • Traction power station Aleksandrije, Odessa Railway, Ukraine (2008) – delivery of filtration-compensation equipment with a power output of 6.4 MVAr for a single-phase rotating traction in a substation free design
  • Traction power station Čubovka, Odessa Railway, Ukraine (2008) – delivery of components for SVC with a power output of 5 MVAr for a single-phase rotating traction
  • Transport company Hradec Králové, a. s., CZ (2008) – substation equipment for a new terminal of public transportation
  • Substation Radlice, Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, a. s., CZ, (2008) – delivery of technological equipment for a traction substation (as part of traditional deliveries for Prague’s public transportation – trams and subway)
  • Traction power station Modřice, ČD, a.s. (2008) – delivery of three complete SVC with an output of 7 MVAr for a single phase rotating traction
  • České Dráhy, a.s. (1988-2008) – over the course of twenty years we have delivered 40 sets of filtration-compensation equipment to České Dráhy
  • Škoda Transportation, CZ (2007) – delivery of technological equipment for testing of traction vehicles