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About us

Personnel policy

Corporate aspirations and objectives are supported by the following in particular:

  • performance
  • capabilities
  • creativity
  • competence of work teams, employees and managers

Main tools:

  • educational and training programmes
  • adaptation programmes
  • career grow programmes
  • re-qualification
  • regular personal assessment
  • inter-company meetings
  • awards to the best personnel

We create environment:

  • for full application of all capabilities of our employees
  • for utilization of energy
  • we enhance aspirations and motivation to better performance, higher efficiency and better results

We support:

  • team work
  • creativity
  • independence
  • willingness to learn from surrounding successful world

We offer to all our employees:

  • participation in improvement of corporate processes
  • participation in creation of positive changes

We expect:

  • aspiration to win
  • success