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provider of investment units and related systems. Specializing in power industry and ecology

Systems of control, regulation and excitation for heavy current and high voltage applications

  • appropriately designed control system of a power and heat generating unit (DCS, PCS) can discover and utilize hidden power and financial reserves of technological processes through control strategy optimization
  • financial savings archived by optimum coal or gas burning directly reflect in revenues by saving resulting from unburned fuel
  • in addition the thermally stressed parts are subject to less wear and tear
  • the control systems help to achieve maximum performance with minimized consumption of media
  • modern digital technologies of control systems include diagnostic and self-diagnostic features
  • minimization of plant outages by anticipation and prevention of failures
  • reduction of secondary damage to parts
  • modern platforms of DCS and PCS include powerful regulation subsystems capable of adaptive control, application of predictive or fuzzy regulators  
  • application of computer visualization of power generating and technological processes results in simplification of work of operators and achievement of high reliability of controlled processes
  • Modern semiconductor elements used for generator excitation systems and their microprocessor control result in the fact that these powerful application may become part of technological IT systems - i.e. HMI, SCADA.  

Information mediated by modern digital control systems may be used as inputs for planning and analysis in ERP/MRP systems.

Reference projects:

  • EUAS, Turkey
  • Třinecké Železárny, Czech Republic
  • Uzbekistan 8.9 MW