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manufacturer of heavy current electro-technical devices and systems for power industry, infrastructure, gas industry, ecology, metallurgy, underground mining.

Voltage quality monitoring system

ELNET - Q - industrial product which, based on EN 50160 based measurement and follow-up evaluation of power grid voltage quality, enables giving instruction for implementation of measures protecting systems connected in the grid.

Areas of application:

  • enables measurement of harmonics (50Hz grid and other)
  • enables power factor measurement
  • protection of systems against damage by non standard effects in the grid
  • capability of long term monitoring of the power grid


Hardware block diagram

Properties ELNET-Q monitoring system:

  • it monitors and evaluates 50 harmonics of three delta/phase voltage in real time
  • it monitors and evaluates THD distortion factor (Total Harmonic Distortion) for each voltage
  • it measures mean, effective and maximum value of monitored voltage and its frequency
  • adjustable limits of individual harmonics, voltage and frequency, which lead to accident when exceeded
  • unique possibility of waveform monitoring on PC, remote data transmission and data archiving
  • 2x RS232 interface (Modus protocol) for communication with PC. Configurable transmission speed (50Bd-93kBd)
  • it evaluates asymmetry of three-phase system
  • system properties can be modified in accordance with client’s requirements

Technical data



dimensions (w x h x d)

180x180x70 mm

number of connectors


power supply voltage



maximum 50mA

ambient temperature

-20°C + 50°C

analogue inputs

7 input values

logic inputs

1 voltaic split (doubled, 230V or 24V)

logic outputs

1 voltaic split, direct input for switching the relay = 20V


2RS232, 1 configurable speed, MODBUS protocol

Elnet Q - catalog