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Investment units

Gas reprocessing and treatment systems

  • technology for gas properties modification for:
  • natural gas
  • accompanying petroleum gas
  • gas rising from underground gas storages
  • gas treatment for liquefiers (LNG)

Areas of delivery

  • full compressor stations (including intercooling, liquid phase separation and auxiliary systems) for petroleum gas compression prior treatment
  • cooling systems for gas cooling in the low temperature heavy gas condensation unit
  • full creeping compression stations to increase pressure of treated petroleum gas to the level of gas pressure in principal gas lines
  • gas drying units

Technical solution of gas treatment systems:

  • the treatment plants are established as close to the gas source as possible
  • properties of recovered natural gas are modified and improved

Main gas treatment phases and processes:

  • input gas filtration (the 1st phase separates solid and liquid contamination)
  • separation of acid components (which generate corrosive substances)
  • gas drying  (separation of all humidity)
  • separation of heavy hydrocarbons (improvement of gas purity and heat power )

Main technology of gas treatment plants:

  • high pressure centrifugal compressors providing compression of raw gas to optimum operating pressure
  • compressor drives - most commonly gas turbines combusting treated gas
  • perfect input filters, separators, expanders, absorption columns and technology for chemical part of the treatment plant
  • fully automated control system
  • power management with reliable reserve power source
  • fire-safety installation