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Investment units

Underground gas storages

  •  full delivery of underground gas storage technology
  • full conceptual and design documentation
  • delivery of all gas injection and recovery systems and gas treatment systems
  • control system elements
  • electric systems

Areas of delivery

  • systems for reservoir injection and depletion (piston compressors or turbo compressors driven either by electromotor or gas turbine)
  • related electric systems
  • control systems
  • above-ground technology (distribution piping, gas filters, gas drying units, stock management, exploitation-injection wells, entry structures and monitoring stations)
  • buildings (compressor stations, control rooms and switching stations, measurement and auxiliary operations halls)

Technical solution of underground gas storages:

  • system of stations for gas injection into underground gas storage and gas depletion for transit and distribution
  • the main systems include systems with high pressure compressors including required accessories:
  • distribution piping
  • gas measurement and reduction
  • gas cooling, drying and filtration
  • transformer station and heavy current distribution lines
  • control system including instrumentation and control
  • reserve sources
  • monitoring system