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Investment units

Thermal power plants

100 to 500 MW (fuel: coal, natural gas)

  • high power output thermal power plants for base load power supplies
  • technology of powdered or fluidized bed combustion boilers and water or air cooled condensing turbines
  • additional installation of desulphurisation systems depending on coal quality
  • provision of delivery of technologies with above-critical parameters
  • construction of steam-gas power plants (CCPP - combined cycle power plants)
  • technology of combined cycle power plants can be applied for so called repowering (in situations where diesel fuel, black oil, light fuel oils and natural gas combustion boilers are used)
  • obsolete boilers can be replaced by combination of gas turbine and waste heat boiler (HRSG - heat recovery steam generator), utilization of generated steam to drive existing steam turbines
  • generated power output increase by up to 60% in the given location