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Yunus Emre 2x145 MW Project

  • delivery of complete technology for the machine hall of 2x145 MW lignite-burning power plant in Turkey

Basic parameters of the investment power units delivery:
Boilers: 2 fluidized bed boilers with circulating layer, power output of each 440 T/h of steam - parameters 13.9 MPs, 543 °C with reheating 3.8 MPa, 540 °C
Steam turbine: 2 condensing turbines with unregulated bleeding, steam feeding to middle pressure section from reheating, nominal output at generator terminals 145MWe

The project includes:  

  • design
  • delivery
  • two identical turbine sets, 145 MWe each (steam condensing turbines with oil management and generator)
  • complementary deliveries of machinery - steam condenser, heat exchangers of high and low pressure regeneration, condensate and feeding pumps, feeding tank with deaeration, other technological tanks, piping and valves
  • engineering
  • installation and installation supervision
  • commissioning including testing of achievement of guaranteed delivery parameters
  • Implementation term:    2011 – 2013
  • Location: Yunus Emre, Eskişehir region, Turkey (app. 140 km westwards from Ankara)

Commissioning:  2013