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Radial compressors delivery, NTC Plzeň

 Experimental turbocharger with electrical drive with total output of 1200 kWe, which will be used for validation of mathematical models regarding flow parameters of radial stages of centrifugal compressors, by using compression of atmospheric air.

 Installation of a research one-stage compressor with variable flow from 4 450 to 16 500 1/min. The compressor is driven by electric motor 1600 kVA at the voltage of 0.4 kV. Frequency converter continuously regulates the speed from 10% to 110%. Flow is measured in measuring lines on both suction and discharge with throttling control valve. Because of the surrounding buildings, silencers are used.

EPC range of deliveries consists of Design, application software, supplies, installation and commissioning including necessary partial modifications in the existing building C5 in New Technology Centre II. Plzeň- Bory. 

  • Placement of individual frames and subsequently compressor and electric motor at the foundations
  • Assembly of compressor housing at the foundations
  • Installation of silencers and air cooler on the roof of the building and oil management block in the engine room
  • Installation of antivibration items for piping.
  • Process air piping DN 600 and DN 400 including dilatational dampers and connection to dampers and compressor
  • Oil Pipelines including special prestart rinses
  • Electric motor and oil block cooling water pipelines
  • Installation and connection of frequency transformer 2200 kVA, high voltage switchboards and control system.
  • Laying of shielded power cables with cross-section 6 x 240 mm2 Cu
  • High voltage cabling and measurement and regulation items
  • Equipping the testing area with acoustic hoods to fulfill the hygienic standards
  • Modifications of the existing cabling of safety sensors of electronic fire system and oil vapors concentration alarm

Implementation date 10/2012 - 03/2013
Commissioning 04/2013