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Budvar Arena – Ice hockey stadium cooling technology reconstruction, including two ice rinks

Ice hockey stadium cooling technology reconstruction, including two ice rinks – Budvar Arena, České Budějovice

Complete reconstruction of cooling technology for two ice rinks, including technology for waste heat utilization. Forced circulation system with direct evaporation of ammonia in ice rinks, with reduced refrigerant charge.

Range of supplies:

  •  Complete technology and construction sections according to project documentation, delivery, installation and commissioning
  • The technological part included machinery, electrical and I & C. Construction works on ice rinks components.
  • Installed cooling capacity 4x300 kW at t0 / tk = -10 / + 35 ° C
  • The total refrigerant charge is 4000 kg NH3
  • The main ice rink surface is 58x28 meters and training ice rink - 60x30 meters
  • Utilization of waste heat for heating of water (up to + 65 ° C)

 Aside from mechanical compressor cooling device with a common condensing side, we have also delivered:

  • Water management system with circulating cooling water circuit for the condenser, recycling water from snow pits and equipment for treatment and refill of water to the cooling water system and heat utilization system.
  • Equipment for utilization of waste heat from the ammonia vapors at the compressors discharges for water heating in storage tanks, which is used for resurfacers, also for snow pits heating and in case of it’s surplus for the transfer to the DHW system
  • The equipment also includes utilization of waste heat from compensator cooling circulation circuit water, for snow pit and ice rinks foundations heating.
  • Installed devices are equipped with a central control system enabling monitoring, alarm and control of the system, signaling and registration of operating and emergency conditions and visualization of all necessary operating parameters on PC. This system allows automatic operation with just an occasional supervision

Completion date:   Stage I  - 09/2007

                                  Stage II - 09/2008

Date of commissioning:  09/2009