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Starting converters  for project  K.O.P.C.

In 2012 CKD ELEKTROTECHNIKA, delivered  for project K.O.P.C - petrochemical plant,  equipment for start of two synchronous motors (compressors).

Technical parameters and scope of delivery: 

-       2 pc  synchronnous motors of power 7 MW, 11kV (Booster/ primary compressor)  and  23 MW, 11kV (hyper compressor) 

  • LCI DRIVE which contains:
    • Converter set COMPACT (power inverter)
    • Converter set COMPACT (motor drive)
    • Regulation set  MODULEX
  • Non-redundant EXCITATION PANEL for Hyper and Booster/ primary motor: 
    • Converter and regulation set  MODULEX – 2pc
  • Reactors, chokes and transfomers

Ordering: VEM Transresch GmbH member of VEM , Germany

Final customer: K.O.P.C. LDPE plant

Delivery and commisioning - VEM Transrechsch: 12/2012

Commissioning -  6/2013